“I miss you…” the old woman whispered into the night as she waited patiently for the day she would be reunited with her husband once again. Gripping tightly onto the pillow besides her she inhaled deeply hoping for the scent of his musty cologne to return, but it never did. Memories of her and her beloved filled her dreams that night before a knock on the door returned her to the cold lonely room she now called her reality.

The little grey eyed children who once ran through the halls laughing as they called each other by name had returned, but now they have matured and blossomed beyond her wildest dreams. Platinum blonde hair graced their temples as they slowly walked up to her, a somber look painted on their faces. Adara, the youngest who was blessed with her mothers curls knelt besides the bed carefully tucking a small box into her mothers hand. Arcturus, Antares, and Altair stood by watching closely unsure if they should step closer, not wanting to upset their mother any more as each resembled their father more than next.

“Hi mum” Adara whispered before placing a kiss on her mother’s cheek brushing back a stray curl that obstructed the view of the brown eyed woman. “Happy Mothers Day…” she continued gently stroking the woman’s cheek “he wanted us to give this to you” she sighed desperately trying to stop the sob hitched in her throat.

The woman’s eyes fell to the silver ribbon as she tugged it loose a tear gracefully fell onto the emerald green box. She knew this was the work of her husband since he was precise and loved his house colors very much. As she carefully removed the cover there laid a thin piece of paper which was old and worn. A broken smile was placed on her lips as she recognized it instantly, he had slipped it into her hand during the Battle of Hogwarts before he joined his family on the other side, willing to do anything to keep her safe. And on that little piece of paper sketched precisely in his handwriting read the words:

I will love you forever and always in this life and the next

Her eyes closed tightly as tears began falling down her face. She slowly retreated to her side of the bed burying her face in the pillow besides her. “I love you too…” she whispered to the ghost of a man who laid by her side for 50 years.

The next morning her chocolate brown eyes will never open, her mangled mane will never kiss the sunlight again, but her soul had been whisked away to the place her husband patiently waited for her. The same place where the red haired boy waited patiently for his twin, where two couples waited to be reunited with their sons, where the headmasters of Hogwarts waited for the right time to go, and several other friends and families smiled and applauded as their wait came to an end.

“I’ve been waiting for you” her husband lulled into her ear as she stood there in shock staring at her reflection, which had returned to her youthful state. “I will never love anyone other than you, Hermione” he continued wrapping his arms tightly around her waist as her hands gripped onto the sides of his face praying that this was real. “I will love you forever and always in this life and the next, Draco” she smiled pressing her lips to his savoring the moment.

A minute later a loud whistle filled the pure white train station causing Hermione to look hastily around not too sure what was happening. “Is it time to go?” she asked gripping tighter onto his arm not wanting to let go. Laying a kiss on her forehead Draco entangled their fingers together before nodding his head. “Yes, because my wait is finally over” he smiled leading her to the train where they continued on to eternity.

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